Payments for access to the grid are unconstitutional

22. júna 2016 16:22

The chairman of the Constitutional Court, Ivetta Macejkova, informed briefly that the court had ruled that the decree has been beyond the valid legislation and had been in conflict with the Slovak Constitution as well as price regulation and energy laws.

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The Constitutional Court Plenum announced the decision on Wednesday stating that the part of the article 26, section 23 of the Decree on price regulation issued by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) in the part which specifies fees for producers of electricity from the renewable sources for the access to the regional distribution networks is in conflict with the Slovak Constitution. The Constitutional Court rejected the objection raised by the Office that it is not authorised to review its decree, as the Office is not the central body of the state administration.

Full story in Slovak: Platby za prístup do sietí sú protiústavné, rozhodol ústavný súd

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