Opposition wants to amend heat act again

9. októbra 2017 14:15

Opposition MPs will attempt to amend the thermal act to reduce the power of large thermal companies.

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Opposition MPs will debate on energy matters also at the Parliament’s session in October. The opposition will attempt for already fifth time to amend the thermal act. MPs for OLANO and SaS Jozef Viskupic, Karol Galek, Eduard Heger and Jana Kissova criticize the position of large heating plants in the construction process of home boiler rooms. They propose so that large heat producers have no right to participate in the construction process and issue binding stances on the planned construction of these rooms. „Currently, local heating plants have the veto right and they may hinder the construction of the own boiler rooms in residential buildings, which is a form of heating serfdom. Such conditions not only contradict the ideas of those who propose the draft based on liberal principles, but undoubtedly good morals. In the free society and the legal state, it is absurd for any economic entity have the right to veto the establishment of own competition,“ MPs stated in the explanatory report to the draft amendment to the heat law.

Full story in Slovak: Opozícia chce znova meniť zákon o teple. Už po piatykrát.

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