One of Energy Union steps was approved

16. februára 2016 14:19

The European Commission has adopted measures to assure secure energy supplies. The package of measures is expected to prepare us for global energy transformation as well as for a possible supply disruptions.

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The European Union has unveiled its comprehensive package of measures to assure sustainble secure energy supplies. The European Commission (EC) has introduced the package which is to prepare us for global energy transformation as well as possible supply disruptions. „In the Energy Union strategy that we prepared a year ago, we promised supplies of secure, sustainable and competitve energy to all Europeans. The package of measures is aimed at security of our energy supplies, but concerns all three ambitious goals. Reducing our energy demands and by better management of supplies from external resources, we will contribute to the fulfimnet of our commitment to strengthen stability on the European energy market,“ said EC’s Vice-President for Energy Union, Maros Sefcovic.

Full story in Slovak: Začala sa honba za štátnymi dotáciami na zatepľovanie

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