OLaNO: Government’s nominees in distributors are liable

25. januára 2017 20:34

The leader of OLaNO, Igor Matovic, says that the troubles with energy prices are the result of the parties’ nominations in state bodies of the distribution companies.

Igor Matovič OĽaNO
Šéf OĽaNO Igor Matovič. SITA

The government allegedly knew about the planned energy prices increase. The state is a majority shareholder of the distribution companies and although the management rights are exercised by the minority shareholder, the state has its representatives in board of directors and supervisory boards. OLaNO says that these representatives failed to inform the government on planned changes in energy prices. The leader of OLaNO, Igor Matovic, says that the government does not fill these posts with energy experts. He showed the chairpersons of the supervisory boards in three distribution companies as an example, SNS’s nominee in ZSE, Eva Milucka, Karol Hatapka in SSE and Jan Dorkin in VSE. Dorkin is a former bankruptcy trustee of the company Lesostav Revuca, whose assets were siphoned by Andrej Danko, Matovic states.

Full story in Slovak: Opozícia poukazuje na zodpovednosť straníckych nominantov v distribučkách

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