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15. augusta 2017 17:44 ElektrinaAktuality od vEnergetike.skvEnergetike.sk/mz

No price agreement between the state and Enel on SE sale

The state is expecting Enel to deliver all documents concerning its legal and economic view on the closing to the economy ministry.

More than eleven years have passed since the privatization of Slovenske Elektrarne (SE). Italian group Enel acquired a 66-percent stake in Slovakia’s dominant electricity producer in early 2006. The company agreed with the state that the purchase price of 840 million euros for this stake may not be final. Both shareholders Enel and the state (with a remaining 34-petrcent stake in SE) were supposed to carry out a detailed analysis on the company’s economic situation after the privatization. Both sides were expected to come up with their additional request for the purchase price and thus bring the privatization process to an end. The shareholders were supposed to agree whether Enel will pay an additional sum to the state, or the state will return some money to the Italian group, or that the original purchase price is final. This has not yet happened. Current Economy Minister Peter Ziga announced in September 2016 his intention to settle this matter with Enel. “We have decided to bring this case to an end. We have still a lot of work ahead,“ Ziga said roughly a year ago. At the moment, it does not seem that the things have moved on.  “The working group has not met for the second time. This will happen when Enel delivers all documents concerning its legal and economic view on the closing to the economy ministry,“ Juraj Rybansky from the minister’s communication office informed the portal vEnergetike.sk. Enel has not commented on the matter despite our questions.

Full story in Slovak: Dohoda o cene za predaj elektrární medzi Enelom a štátom stále nepadla


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