New shareholder structure at EPH and EP Infrastructure

28. februára 2017 19:14

Slovak businessman Patrik Tkac and financial group J&T left Czech energy holding Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding.

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A consortium of global institutional investors led and represented by Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets (MIRA) has definitively become a 31-percent stockholder in the company EP Infrastructure. It is a key subsidiary of Energeticky a Prumyslovy Holding (EPH), which controls a number of energy companies in Slovakia. The remaining 69 percent of EP Infrastructure shares with managerial control remains in the hands of EPH. The consortium represented by the asset manager MIRA clusters Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 5 and five other global institutional investors. As EPH spokesman Daniel Castvaj has informed, following the completion of global institutional investors’ entry in the company EP Infrastructure, also a change to EPH shareholder structure has been completed. Slovak tycoon Patrik Tkac and financial group J&T definitively quit the Czech energy holding. New owners of EPH will be the Czech businessman Daniel Kretinsky (94%) and selected members of the management (6%). The financial group will acquire from the sale of its nearly 26 percent stake just under 1.5 billion euros. Entrepreneur Patrik Tkac will get 1.7 billion euros for his over 37-percent stake, however, based on the future growth of EPH value he can acquire as much as 2.7 billion euros in total.

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