A new pipeline to Hungary remained empty in April

20. mája 2016 13:46

In March, daily gas deliveries from Slovakia to Hungary reached 531,000 cubic meters.

Plyn plynovod eustream
Ilustračné foto eustream, a.s.

The Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline is not used again after first cubic meters of natural gas were transported via the pipeline in March. The Slovak firm Eustream still believes that the Slovak-Hungarian gas pipeline has the future and strengthens security of supplies in Central Europe. In March, daily gas deliveries from Slovakia to Hungary amounted to 531,000 cubic meters. After successful use of pipeline’s capacities in March, the market made orders also for April, although the pipeline has not eventually been used. The gas pipeline between the Slovak Republic and Hungary will probably be used more after completing the gas pipeline connecting the Slovak Republic and Poland as suppliers will be able to offer also LNG gas from Poland to their customers. Experts assume that the gas pipeline will be more often used also in case of different crisis situations.

Full story in Slovak: Slovensko-maďarský plynovod znova vyschol

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