Minister Ziga: Price for Mochovce to increase dramatically

19. októbra 2016 17:56

Economy Minister Peter Ziga wants to ask who is responsible for the Mochovce project and who will be liable for damages.

Vláda ministerstvo hospodárstva
Minister hospodárstva SR Peter Žiga SITA

The completion of the third and fourth nuclear block in Mochovce will cost more than expected, Economy Minister Peter Ziga announced after the government’s session on Wednesday. “We met with Slovenske Elektrarne’s management this week. We were given the basic information on the postponement of this project and the budget increase. I find the information I received insufficient since the budget increase is much higher than originally announced,“ Ziga said without giving more specific data. According to the information which appeared in the media, the completion of Mochovce NPP will require an additional sum of roughly 500 million euros. The budget is expected to increase to approximately 5.1 billion euros. Economy Minister Ziga feels disillusioned with the completion of Mochovce NPP.

Full story in Slovak: Rozčarovaný minister Žiga hovorí o výraznejšom predražení Mochoviec

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