Minister who supervised also energy is stepping down

21. apríla 2015 18:50

Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis has decided to resign from his post following the debate with Prime Minister Robert Fico held on Tuesday.

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Minister hospodárstva SR Pavol Pavlis počas kontrolného dňa v Jadrovej elektrárni Mochovce. SITA

Another minister is leaving the economy ministry. Pavol Pavlis is stepping down from his post less than a year after replacing Tomas Malatinsky. A spokeswoman for the ministry, Miriam Ziakova, informed that economy minister had decided to resign „within political culture“ after Tuesday’s meeting with Prime Minister Robert Fico. She added that he had assumed political responsibility for the information in the media related to his personality. Ziakova says that scandalizing his name harms the party which nominated him to the post, as well as his name and family. Economy Minister Pavol Pavlis was also entrusted the project of the third and fourth blocks of NPP Mochovce. During his term, the shareholders of the power utility Slovenske Elektrarne approved the budget increase for the completion of Mochovce blocks from 3.8 billion euros to 4.6 billion euros.

Full story in Slovak: Minister, ktorý bdel aj nad energetikou, odchádza z vlády

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