Legislators to look into gas refunds

11. januára 2016 20:33
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

According to the economy ministry, decree on gas refunds is set to be published in the Collection of Laws in the following days. Afterwards, nothing will stand in the way for Slovak consumers to receive gas refunds.

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There is only one obstacle left for Slovak households to get gas refunds. Legislators will yet look into the economy ministry’s decree which sets rules for the refunds to gas consumers for gas consumed last year. The press department of the Government Office informed the portal vEnergetike.sk that the decree draft will be discussed by the permanent working commission of the Legislative Council for the Financial Law on Wednesday, January 13. After incorporating legislative comments of this commission, the decree is set to be published in the Collection of Laws. „The termination of the process and the publication of the decree in the Collection of Laws are expected in the following days,“ a spokeswoman for the economy minister, Miriam Ziakova, said.

Full story in Slovak: Na plynové vratky sa ešte pozrú legislatívci

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