Large energy projects do not avoid Slovakia

8. júla 2016 17:18, mz

Ongoing investments in Slovakia’s power and gas industry.

Elektrické vedenie elektrina
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The economy ministry is currently registering several large energy investments in Slovakia, both in energy and gas field. There are cross-border projects in preparation whose aim is to develop the Slovak transmission network. These projects will enhance security of electricity supplies and increase the net transmission capacity which will facilitate the transit in the direction North – South. In the gas sector, projects of international importance are being in progress, a spokesman for the economy ministry, Maros Stano, informed the portal The state-owned company Slovenska Elektrizacna Prenosova Sustava is working on the investments in the power sector. The company will build two Slovak-Hungarian 400 kV transmission lines. The construction of the new power stations is also being prepared. In the gas field, the first project is the gas interconnection between Slovakia and Poland and the second is Eastring project.

Full story in Slovak: Veľké energetické projekty neobchádzajú ani Slovensko

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