Industry asks for cheaper electricity in letter for Fico

17. apríla 2015 14:13

Slovak employers and entrepreneurs are convinced that Slovakia has one of the highest electricity prices in the European Union. The regulatory authority denies these statements.

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Slovak employers and entrepreneurs are repeatedly trying to achieve electricity price cuts. They asked for cooperation in a letter sent to Prime Minister Robert Fico. „Our ambition is to find a fast solution for unbearably high electricity prices for the industrial consumers in Slovakia and they demand a broad and professional discussion on the new setting of the regulatory framework, which, in the opinion of most experts, is one of the main causes of this problem,“ business organizations wrote in a letter sent to the Prime Minister roughly a month ago. The first letter was sent to Prime Minister already in October 2014.

Full story in Slovak:Priemysel poslal Ficovi list. Chcú lacnejšiu elektrinu.

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