IFP: Partial deregulation of energy prices would be possible

23. septembra 2015 16:03
Autor: vEnergetike.sk/MZ

According to the Financial Policy Institute, the full abolition of the regulation of electricity and gas prices for Slovak households could be considered in five years. It is necessary to achieve a certain degree of change of suppliers and market concentration.

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Currently, there is no room for the full deregulation of electricity and gas prices for households, states the Financial Policy Institute (IFP) at the finance ministry. „Without functioning competition and protection of vulnerable consumers we do not recommend deregulation of gas and electricity sale to households,“ analysts from IFP wrote in the latest analysis. Simultaneously, they said that a so-called partial deregulation of energy prices could be introduced in Slovakia, as they reckon the existing regulatory framework can hamper the development of competition.

Full story in Slovak: Čiastočná deregulácia cien energií by bola možná, tvrdí IFP

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