Households may expect vouchers for small RES in mailboxes

15. februára 2016 16:51

The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency has already posted vouchers to Slovak households as the part of the second round of support scheme for the installation of a small power and heat plants. Households have 30 days to sign a contract on installation with the contractor.

Veterná elektráreň turbína slnečná energia solárny panel OZE
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Households are about to receive vouchers for the purchase and installation of small-scale renewable energy sources in their mailboxes as the part of the second round of the support scheme. The Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), which is responsible for the allocation of this financial aid for small power and heat plants, has posted more than 3,200 contracts to households at the end of the previous week. „Households have 30 days from the date indicated on the voucher to find a contractor and sign a contract on installation,“ said director of the communication and international cooperation department at SIEA, Eduard Jambor. Households can choose from nearly 600 contractors with whom the agency has already signed contract on vouchers reimbursement.

Full story in Slovak: Domácnosti už môžu v pošte očakávať poukážky na malé OZE

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