Growing industry behind higher electricity consumption

15. augusta 2016 15:15

The economy ministry points at the removal of flexible energy sources which enable to maintain safe and reliable power grid.

Vedenie elektrická energia elektrina
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Electricity consumption in Slovakia is expected to increase in the coming years. According to the economy ministry, higher gross domestic product and investments in the industry in the next five years can be ascribed to this increase. The economy ministry has registered almost a 3-percent annual increase in electricity consumption in the first five months of this year. „This year, the total electricity consumption in Slovakia could reach the highest level ever, exceeding 30 TWh,“ the ministry wrote in its regular report on security of electricity supplies. According to the forecasts, electricity consumption could amount to 32 TWh in 2020, more than 33 TWh in 2025 and over 35 TWh in 2030.

Full story in Slovak: Elektriny spotrebujeme viac. Môže za to rastúci priemysel.

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