Gas transport capacity Czech Republic – Slovakia to double

27. januára 2016 12:27

The daily gas transport capacity between the Czech Republic and Slovak is set to increase from 67 million cubic meters to 120 million cubic meters in three years.

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Areál kompresorovej stanice Veľké Kapušany. SITA

In the future, Slovakia will be able to import more natural gas from the Czech Republic than nowadays. The company Eustream is still working on increasing transport capacity of the gas pipeline connecting Slovakia and the Czech Republic at the entry point in Lanzhot. Currently, the daily transport capacity reaches nearly 67 million cubic meters. After installation of the new technology, it could almost double to 120 million cubic meters. This project is expected to be completed in 2019.

Full story in Slovak: Prepravná kapacita plynu medzi ČR a SR sa má zdvojnásobiť

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