Gas refunds for households arrive in their post boxes

20. januára 2016 15:24

The state begins giving gas refunds to Slovak households. First letters with postal orders will be delivered next week.

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Slovak households will receive so-called gas refunds. The economy ministry starts posting letters with postal orders to Slovak households which will receive from 10 to 165 euros back from the state for last year’s consumed gas. „The postal orders will be delivered to 1.4 million Slovak households at the turn of January and February,“ Prime Minister Robert Fico informed at the press conference on Wednesday. „The first letters will be posted already next week in alphabetical order. Letters will be delivered within two weeks. A citizen has 60 days to obtain the money at the post office,“ Economy Minister Vazil Hudak added.

Full story in Slovak: Domácnosti už čoskoro dostanú do schránok plynové vratky

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