Gas mining in Slovakia increased moderately in 2016

25. septembra 2017 9:51

The economy ministry recorded no serious incidents that would disrupt natural gas supplies last year.

Ropa ťažba
Ilustračné foto SITA/AP

Gas extraction in Slovakia increased last year. While in 2015, mine companies extracted 86 million cubic meters of natural gas, last year it was almost 89 million. The economy ministry assumes that the natural gas extraction will decrease in the long-term. “Only newly discovered deposits may change this trend. The mining volumes will depend on the extent, character and locality of the potential new deposits. The economic aspect of the extraction from these new deposits will also be important,” the ministry stated in its annual report on safety of gas supplies. Consumption of natural gas in Slovakia was slightly over 4.98 billion cubic meters last year. Imports accounted for approximately 98 percent of the national consumption.

Full story in Slovak: Ťažba plynu na Slovensku vlani vzrástla. Ale len mierne.

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