Finance Minister has little faith in e-cars scrappage scheme

24. novembra 2016 17:38

Finance Minister Peter Kazimir admits that high-income people will use subsidies to purchase e-cars within the project announced by the economy ministry and the Automotive Industry Association.


Finance Minister Peter Kazimir believes that the effect of the electromobility support scheme via subsidies for electric vehicles announced by the economy ministry and the Automotive Industry Association will be very weak. He also sees problems in the price of the technologies in electromobility. The orientation of this support could be better. He admits that only high-income people will use these subsidies under the current project setting. „People at the finance ministry think that this support could be aimed at, for example, taxis, transport, namely small and medium-sized enterprises in urban areas. Coordination with the municipalities is required which is not easy,“ minister said during the debate on the budget draft for the next year.

Full story in Slovak: Minister financií šrotovnému na elektromobily veľmi neverí

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