Fico politically starts support for small-scale renewables

2. decembra 2015 7:26

Almost 50,000 Slovaks show interest in small-scale home renewable sources, said Prime Minister Robert Fico.

Premiér Robert Fico
Predseda vlády SR Robert Fico počas brífingu na tému: Ďalšie opatrenie z 2. vládneho balíčka pre ľudí – príspevok pre domácnosti na ekologické zdroje energie. SITA

Households may apply for the contribution for the installation of devices using renewables (RES) from European and national funds from December 1, 2015. Prime Minister Robert Fico announced the launch of this project during the opening of the first consulting centre for the project Green Light for Households in Banska Bystrica. „In the first stage, we have allocated 45 million euros from European funds for this purpose. People show a huge interest as almost 50,000 people have already requested information and contacts since the website’s launch. It can therefore be assumed that this sum will be insufficient and we are seriously considering raising it by 10 -15 mil. euros,“ said the Prime Minister. Even the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (SIEA), which is in charge of the project, confirmed the start of support for the purchase and installation of small power and heat plants.

Full Story in Slovak: Fico politicky odštartoval poskytovanie podpory na malé OZE

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