Fico plans to return part of annual gas bills to households

30. apríla 2015 12:19

Prime Minister Robert Fico would like to return 10 percent of the annual gas bill to standard Slovak households.

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The Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) rejected to comment on plans announced by Prime Minister Robert Fico to reduce gas prices for Slovak households or gas repayments which have been mentioned by PM for some time. At this week’s HN Club Fico said that households could be paid back at least 10% of the annual gas bill. The regulatory authority could provide help since, according to Prime Minister, the regulator is considering cutting gas prices for Slovak households by 7 percent, amid falling gas prices on international markets. This decrease could also be backed by the gas utility Slovensky plynarensky priemysel (SPP), the largest gas supplier in Slovakia.

Full story in Slovak:Fico chce vracať peniaze za plyn, regulátor to nekomentuje

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