Fico: Energy regulation to be necessity yet for a long time

17. októbra 2016 12:54

Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico considers the consistent energy prices regulation one of the important tools that improve the economic development, industrial competitiveness and quality of household life.

Robert Fico
Ilustračné foto. SITA

Regulation of energy prices in Slovakia is unlikely to end so soon, announced Prime Minister Robert Fico during the 15th year of ERRA (Energy Regulators Regional Association) international conference. „I can say that the government, fully in compliance with EU law, has created legislative, personnel and material conditions for sensitive, transparent but at the same time resolved and effective regulation of the energy sector in Slovakia, which was, is, and probably will be for a long time an absolute necessity,“ Fico said.

Full story in Slovak: Fico: Regulácia energetiky bude ešte dlho nevyhnutnosťou

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