Fico admits that Slovakia cannot influence Nord Stream 2

26. augusta 2016 9:27

Prime Minister Robert Fico says that gas transport through Slovakia will be maintained.

Vlada  rusko
Ruský prezident Vladimír Putin (vpravo) a premiér SR Robert Fico. SITA

Slovakia is a small country which cannot influence huge projects such as Nord Stream 2 pipeline. „Slovakia cannot influence decisions of Germany and Russia and other countries involved in this project,“ Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico told after the talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. He says that the gas transport via Slovakia will be maintained.  Gazprom’s CEO, Aleksey Miller, represented the Russian delegation and the member of Eustream’s supervisory board and the co-owner of SPP, Daniel Kretinsky, attended the talks on the gas pipeline project on behalf of Slovakia. „If Nord Stream 2 project is not eventually implemented, transport capacity across Slovakia will remain virtually untouched and we carry on. If the project is implemented, I want to know how this capacity will be used. This was the only reason why I asked these questions,“ PM said about the main point of the talks.

Full story in Slovak: Fico rokoval v Rusko o plynovode Nord Stream 2. Priznal, že projekt ovplyvniť nevieme.

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