Eustream likely to turn to Constitutional Court due to levy

27. januára 2017 11:24

The Slovak natural gas carrier disagrees with a special levy for regulated companies even after the verdict announced by the Supreme Court.

Plyn plynovod eustream
Vonkajšie potrubia kompresorovej stanice Eustream slúžiace na prepravu plynu. SITA

The special levy imposed on regulated entities, including energy companies, which was introduced by the second government led by Robert Fico, could end up at the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic. The company Eustream, whose complaint was rejected by the Supreme Court, plans to turn to the Constitutional Court. „We are expecting the delivery of the decision, but we can already say that we are ready to pursue all available legal remedies, including constitutional complaint, to protect our rights,“ said a spokesman for Eustream, Pavol Kubik. The Supreme Court dismissed the complaint lodged by the Slovak natural gas carrier against the Financial Directorate of the Slovak Republic on Thursday, changing the decision of the Bratislava Regional Court.

Full story in Slovak: Eustream zrejme napadne osobitný odvod na ústavnom súde

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