Eustream advances in Eastring project

7. septembra 2017 15:54

Slovak natural gas carrier signed a contract with Hungarian company which will conduct the feasibility study on Eastring project.

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Slovak natural gas carrier Eustream has signed a contract with the Hungarian consulting company which will conduct the feasibility study on the planned gas pipeline Eastring which would connect central and south-eastern European countries. The contract was signed at the end of August. “We entered the new stage of the project which is important in order to increase energy security of natural gas supplies in central and south-eastern Europe,“ Director General of Eustream, Rastislav Nukovic, said.  The study will be completed in June 2018 and its results will serve as a basis for the further decision-making process.

Full story in Slovak: Firma Eustream napreduje v plynovodnom projekte Eastring

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