Energy crooks still lure Slovak households

25. marca 2016 13:03

Last year, the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) registered 512 motions on unfair practices of door-to-door salespeople. This year, the Office has received 130 motions. URSO warns particularly about the company Slovakia Energy.

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Slovak households are advised to be more careful about door-to-door energy salespeople. The Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) informed that door-to-door energy salespeople use unfair practices when persuading customers to switch to another electricity and gas supplier. „Trusting people are most often negatively affected by escalating struggle of companies over customers. Older people are more likely to be victims of these frauds,“ a spokesman for the Regulatory Office, Radoslav Igaz, informed.

Full story in Slovak: Energetickí šmejdi nechú dať domácnostiam pokoj

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