Energy audits to remain mandatory only for big companies

31. mája 2017 13:50

EU Energy Efficiency Directive, which could impose an obligation to perform energy audits also on small and medium-sized enterprises, is being reviewed.  However, SIEA does not expect this happen.

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Less than ten years ago, Slovak companies were given a new obligation to perform an energy audit in their operations. However, this obligation was imposed only on large companies, while small and medium-sized enterprises were excluded. It seems that SMEs may not expect any changes in this matter in the future. Stanisłav Jurikovic, the head of the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency’s (SIEA) communication department informed the portal that the EU Energy Efficiency Directive is is being reviewed and could bring about changes in energy audits also for small and medium-sized enterprises. However, SIEA does not expect this happen. „No proposal requiring also SMEs to perform energy audits has been submitted. Only large companies will have this obligation,“ added Jurikovic. Energy audits for SMEs are voluntary.

Full story in Slovak: Energetické audity zrejme zostanú povinné len pre veľkých

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