Electric cars’ future in Slovakia to be decided next week

29. augusta 2015 11:44
Autor: venergetike.sk/mz

Thanks to the supportive measures, from 10,000 to 25,000 hybrid or electric cars could be driving in Slovakia in 2020, depending on whether a conservative or optimistic scenario is adopted.

Elektromobil e mobilita
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The decision on the future of electromobility in Slovakia will be made next week. The Government’s Office has already received a definitive version of the bill on electromobility development. Ministers are expected to negotiate about the bill next week. „The paper is expected to be debated at the cabinet’s session on Wednesday, September 2,“ the press department of the Government’s Office informed the portal vEnergetike.sk. The bill worked up by the economy ministry has undergone interdepartmental review. The fact that the future of electromobility is not indifferent to the public was proved by the number of comments. The economy ministry has accepted all 83 submitted comments, while 33 of them were essential.

Full story in Slovak: O osude elektroáut na Slovensku sa rozhodne budúci týždeň

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