Eastring gas pipeline project backed by Bulgarians

10. mája 2016 20:00

Bulgarian and Slovak gas pipeline operators signed a memorandum to declare their intention to support Eastring gas pipeline project.

Mapa trasovania plynovodu Eastring. eastring.eu

Bulgaria backs Slovakia’s Eastring gas pipeline project. The Slovak gas pipeline operator Eustream and Bulgarian Slovak gas pipeline operator Bulgartransgaz signed a memorandum of understanding. „This is an important milestone in the project which will connect gas systems in west and south-eastern Europe,“ a spokesman for the company Eustream, Pavol Kubik, informed. Bulgarian Energy Minister Temenuzka Petkova and Slovak Economy Minister Peter Ziga were present at the memorandum signing. „Under the memorandum of understanding, both operators intend to support the gas pipeline project Eastring. The parties also agreed to cooperate in working up analyses and evaluations which will serve as a basis for deciding on the implementation of the pipeline,“ said Kubik.

Full story in Slovak: Slovenský plynovod Eastring získal podporu Bulharov

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