Eastern Slovakia to see 2.35% electricity price decline

9. marca 2017 12:27

Vychodoslovenska Energetika is setting all processes so that revised invoices and advanced payments can be sent out.

žiarovka elektrina elektrická energia
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Customers of the electricity distributor Vychodoslovenska Energetika (VSE) will pay lower electricity prices after adopting new price decisions approved by the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (URSO) in early March, informed the communications specialist at VSE, Katarina Sulikova. The analyses carried out by the company showed that the end electricity prices will decline by 2.35% compared to the last year. „Our customers may save money this year if they do not change their tariff as well as consumption. This reduction will affect all regulated segments, including households and small businesses in all tariffs,“ Sulikova said.

Full story in Slovak: Na východe klesnú ceny elektriny v priemere o 2,35 %

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