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13. februára 2017 18:07 OstatnéNews in English od vEnergetike.skvEnergetike.sk/mz

Distribution companies currently not for sale

The representatives of Vychodoslovenska Energetika call for a discussion about the future pricing. The company is convinced that that public debate in wider circles will reveal the benefits that have been proposed and will help to prepare the market for the new cost allocation.

It will probably not be as easy to strengthen the state’s position in electricity distribution companies as Slovak ruling politicians think. Despite the statements given by Prime Minister Robert Fico that privatizers are considering the sale of their stakes in electricity distributors, it seems they do not plan to leave Slovakia. „As representatives of a foreign investor VSE Holding, we are declaring that Slovakia is one of our crucial regions in the energy sector. We absolutely deny any speculations and rumours about our departure from the country or the sale of the shares. On the contrary, we plan to increase these activities, both in the field of quality and safe distribution system and the development of services and new products for end users,“ Karl Kraus, the chairman of Vychodoslovenska Energetika’s Board of Directors, a member of the German group Innogy (formerly known as RWE ), stated.

Full story in Slovak: Distribučky nie sú v súčasnosti na predaj


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