Content of talks between Fico and Alexei Miller unknown

12. februára 2016 17:42

Talks between Slovak Prime Minister and Gazprom Chief Executive were held on Thursday. The content of the talks remains unknown.

Gazprom Alexej Miller
Šéf Gazpromu Alexej Miller. SITA/AP

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico met with Gazprom Chief Executive Alexei Miller in Bratislava on Thursday. However, the Government Office of the Slovak Republic has not officially informed about their meeting. The details of these talks remain unknown as no side has provided further details. Russian gas concern Gazprom informed on its website that both sides discussed the progress and prospects for the mutual Russian-Slovak cooperation in gas sector. „The work meeting was held on Thursday. In general, we do not provide any information on the content of work meetings to the media,“ the press department of the Government Office of the Slovak Republic informed the news agency SITA.

Full story in Slovak: Fico rokoval so šéfom Gazpromu. O čom, nevedno…

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