Antitrust body concerned about conditions in power energy

28. septembra 2017 18:40

The Antitrust Office of the Slovak Republic states that the power energy market is poorly liberalized due to some contractual conditions.

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The competition in the retail electricity market is still underdeveloped years after liberalization, states the Antitrust Office of the Slovak Republic (PMU) which examined the existing conditions in the power energy in Slovakia. „The findings indicate that some of the market barriers have a legislative-systemic character set in the past. In this case, removing strict conditions for electricity traders would help competition in the power energy,“ the Office said in its press release. The Office proposes to review a more balanced distribution of the credit risk among all market participants to achieve effective competitive environment. Energy suppliers are divided into credit groups by the operator of the regional distribution network and, accordingly, they pay different fees to regional operators of the distribution networks. If the payment is delayed for more than three days, the energy supplier is put into a lower credit group with worse payment terms.

Full story in Slovak: Protimonopolnému úradu sa nepozdávajú niektoré podmienky v elektroenergetike

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